Firefighters boldly go to the rescue of Sir Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart with the fire crew from Alcester at Shipston Fire Station earlier this week. Photo: Twitter

SHIPSTON-ON-STOUR almost proved to be the final frontier for Star Trek actor Sir Patrick Stewart until a group of firefighters boldly came to his rescue when he had car trouble on the way to a meeting at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The 77-year-old – who played Captain Jean-Luc Pickard in the TV series – had a blowout while driving through the town.

And when he knocked on the door of the town’s fire station to see if they could direct him to the nearest garage, it wasn’t his celebrity status that afforded him their help – because the firefighter who answered the door to him had no idea who he was.

Paul Vale, watch commander at Alcester fire station, was at the station with his crew when they had they had the special SOS call earlier this week.

He told the Herald: “It was an unusual request at 11am on a Tuesday morning, but a gentleman arrived at the station asking for help as his tyre had blown and he needed a garage.

“Unfortunately there are no garages in Shipston, so we walked across the road to see if we could assist in any way.

“As the crew were talking, it became apparent that they didn’t know who they were helping, so I quickly introduced Sir Patrick Stewart as a huge Huddersfield fan, to which he laughed.

“He was a real gentleman and even spent time after talking to the crew.

“We were just happy to ensure that he was safe on the roads and that he was able to make his meeting at the RSC.”

Sir Patrick, also a celebrated Shakespearian actor, who lives in the Cotswolds, posed for a photo with the crew, which he posted on twitter today, Friday, 22nd September.

He wrote: Tyre blew up en route to Stratford. Asked these gents for a garage. No need. They changed it! Over+above the call. Thanks !

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    Great story, well done WFRS