Action group’s bid to save hall

The Greig Hall site in Alcester.

A NEW action group has been launched to save Hannah Susan Greig Memorial Hall, in Alcester, with the first open meeting being held tomorrow (Tuesday 19th September).

Alcester resident, Sheilagh Goode, has formed an action group, calling for anyone who is interested in joining, to attend the meeting at Malt Mill Lane Community Centre, at 7pm.

Sheilagh is hoping people can assist in fundraising and provide information relevant to re-opening the hall: “We would like to meet the trustees too. I think the hall is so important to the community.”

The trustees of the Hannah Susan Greig Memorial Trust have operated in Alcester, with a hall, associated outbuildings, a sports centre and tennis courts.

In October 2005, the district council entered into a funding agreement of £800,000 with the trust, to refurbish and modernise the on-site Lifestyles building and works were completed by January 2007.

In December of that year, a further loan was agreed with Unity Trust Bank and during 2010 a planning application for development of the site for housing was submitted to the district council and refused.

In August 2011, the hall closed, and in March 2014, the district council’s cabinet secured the future of the Greig Centre, through a managed transition to district council ownership.

For more information join the Facebook group Greig Hall Action 2017.