UPDATE: UK threat level reduced – but stay alert


FOLLOWING assessment this afternoon (Sunday), the Home Secretary has announced that the UK threat level from international terrorism has been reduced from critical to severe.

Speaking this afternoon, Warwickshire Police’s Assistant Chief Constable Richard Moore said: “Following notification of the reduction of the UK threat level, I’d like to thank every member of our communities for their ongoing support and vigilance. We continue to remind people to remain alert.”

All weekend, Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police have provided visible patrols across the area, including in Stratford-upon-Avon town centre, whilst the UK threat level was critical.

Earlier today (Sunday), ACC Moore said: “We continue today to work with all of our local and national partners to ensure the safety of our communities and public spaces.

“There remains no specific threat to our policing area and our response continues to be focused on reassuring people through visible police patrols.

“People will see more officers out and about in our communities but we are keen for people not to be alarmed by this but to be reassured and if they do have any concerns to speak to us.”

ACC Moore had said: “We will continue to deploy an increased number of Armed Response Vehicles to give us additional capacity to respond to any incident. There continues to be no intention for the military to deploy at this time in our area.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the public for their ongoing support.”

Anyone who sees any suspicious activity should report it to police by calling the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321 or in an emergency call 999.

Suspicious activity is anything that seems out of place, unusual or just doesn’t seem to fit in with day-to-day life.

It may be nothing, but if you see or hear anything that could be terrorist-related trust your instincts and call.

  • John Nisbett

    “Visible police patrols” should be an everyday feature in our towns and cities, More daily regular patrols would engender a feeling that police were a part of our society and more people would feel comfortable talking to them and informing them of concerns.

    Currently the police are more akin to a state army which reactively appears only in times of crisis.. They have little or no public engagement in most areas.Once again I would have to say that a squad car driving at speed through town does not constitute a visible presence which reassures the public

    The police need their budget cuts reversed and we need a hell of a lot more police