Bard could be placed next to his birthplace

Last year there was a proposal to put the statue of Shakespeare at the top of Bridge Street but now Henley Street could be its likely destination.

A £100,000 bronze sculpture of William Shakespeare may finally be installed close to the Bard’s birthplace in Henley Street, Stratford-upon-Avon.

The sculpture was crafted nearly two years ago but has not been able to find a permanent location in the Bard’s home town.

The latest proposal is in the middle of Henley Street, further on from Shakespeare’s Birthplace but before the library. An application was registered with Stratford District Council on 15th August and is due to be determined on 12th October.

If the Shakespeare statue is granted planning permission it will be the second statue to be located in Henley Street which already has a jester statue at its junction with Windsor Street.

Full story in this week’s Herald.

  • SFX2017

    Ha not a chance, the nimby Council hate having there thunder taken by somebody who has actually done more for this town than all of them put together!!

  • Alternatively, you could just admit, “Whoops! Our bad. This is a statue of the Merchant of Stratford. Bloke couldn’t even write his name, much less the works of Shake-speare.”

    • cwiseman

      For someone that espouses a different author for the works, you seem slightly obsessed with events within Stratford upon Avon.

      • MDHJohnson

        Mr. Waugaman is more than “slightly” obsessed. In fact, he has a compulsion which causes him to spread his denialist graffiti all over the net. As is evidenced here, he can’t even acknowledge the overwhelming evidence that Will Shakespeare of Stratford was an actor in the players’ companies [LCM & KM] which performed the Shakespeare plays, and was a householder/shareholder in the very theaters where those plays were performed. Simple historiography escapes Mr. Waugaman.

        • Minty

          I think that “MD” was bought off the internet.

          • No, he’s earned it. It stands for Mad Denialist.

          • MDHJohnson

            No, I am sure Mr. Waugaman’s M.D. (psychiatry) was earned. Of course, that lends him no expertise whatsoever as far as authorship attribution.

  • Lou Cifer