Warwick recyclers provide boost to charity


Parkinsons UK has been awarded a £650 donation thanks to the efforts of recyclers in Warwick.

The money has come from Warwickshire County Council’s Slim Your Bin campaign, which encourages households to recycle more and throw away less.

More than 440 residents in the county have signed up to the campaign and each month top performing individuals receive a £20 high street voucher.

Every year £650 is also awarded to the top performing district or borough, who can choose from a selection of charities to award the cash to.

This year Warwick District was named the top performing area and chose to support Parkinsons UK.

Sarah Wakeman from Parkinson’s UK said. “We’re so grateful to receive these donations and want to thank everyone who voted for us. It’s great that a recycling campaign can also promote community spirit and support local community projects.”

Councillor Jeff Clarke added: “We’re extremely pleased with how the campaign is going so far. Local residents are engaged and successfully slimming their bins, which is fantastic news. We look forward to seeing more residents receiving rewards for recycling and supporting community projects as the campaign progresses.”

The county council and service provider Local Green Points are also launching a recycling competition this autumn called the ‘Warwickshire Recycling Champion of the Year’.

It will include online heats and a live final at the Market Hall Museum to identify the recycling champion, who will be awarded with a staycation in Shakespeare’s England.

The competition is open to all members of the ‘Slim Your Bin’ campaign and anyone in Warwickshire can sign up by visiting www.warwickshire.slim-your-bin.com.