Neighbourhood plans formally adopted in Bidford and Salford Priors


Salford Priors and Bidford are the latest communities to see their Neighbourhood Development Plans formally adopted.

Stratford District Council unanimously decided to ‘make’ both plans at a meeting on 17th July, after residents voted 86.6 per cent in Salford Priors and 94.1 per cent in Bidford, in favour of adopting the plans.

Both plans will now be used to help inform planning decisions until 2031.

The Salford Seven Neighbourhood Plan, which also covers Abbot’s Salford, Dunnington, Iron Cross, Pitchill and the Bevingtons, has objectives including preserving historic buildings within the parish, supporting the growth of existing and new businesses and enhancing and protecting community facilities.

The plan says that Salford Priors is often viewed as a village of two halves, due to the separation of the built environment on School Road, and welcomes development which would unite the village and create a centre.

The plan in Bidford outlines how development on brownfield sites will be supported along affordable housing projects adjacent to the village boundary as long as certain criteria are met.

It stipulates how the village centre should be protected and enhanced, while the development of land used for village centre parking will be resisted.

The plan also highlights the importance of designated local green spaces.

Cllr Chris Saint, Leader of Stratford-on-Avon District Council said that: “Neighbourhood Plans reflect the desire of local communities to influence their development.

“I welcome the opportunities being provided to local villages to influence development in their parishes.”