Alcester Tennis Club named club of the year

Alcester Juniors Pairs Squad who competed in the Junior League Cup. From left to right: Ben Pons, Owen Linnett, Luke Clemons, Adam Haerle, Charlie Darby, Chris Hillman, Oliver Linnett and Henry Beer.


ALCESTER Tennis Club have been named Club of the Year for 2017 in the South Warwickshire Summer Tennis League.

League secretary Corin Bishop announced the club had won the accolade after an excellent season for their three men’s teams and four junior pairs in the various Wildmoor Spa Tennis League competitions.

Alcester have been involved with the Wildmoor Spa League for 28 years since joining when the league was founded in 1990.

The club is led by their Chairman Duncan Robinson, and ably administered by their A Team captain Tim Kenneally, B Team captain Gareth Price and C Team captain Duncan Robinson himself.  All three have done a splendid job organising their teams without a blemish especially this year.

Stuart Beach is the club coach who organised the junior pairs in their competition.

The decision to award Alcester the cup was based first by eliminating from the 22 clubs in the league those who did not enter the Junior League, which left eight.  After this, any that had been fined or docked points for rule infringements or fielding only one pair during the current season of the Men’s League and caused problems for the league administrators were excluded, which left seven.

Five of the remaining clubs had won the award before, Evesham who won in 2014, Henley who won in 2011, Littletons who won in 2013, Pershore who won in 2016, and Stratford-on-Avon who won in 2009.

In order to spread the honour around to different deserving clubs these previous winners were discounted, which left Alcester and Chipping Campden.  With so many teams competing and with excellent end of season results, the vote went to Alcester Tennis Club.

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