Soggy moggies avoid cat-strophe

Persil and Daz pictured with their mum Peach.

TWO kittens have been affectionately named Persil and Daz by vets after surviving unscathed from an unexpected spin in their owner’s washing machine.

The pets, who are only six weeks old, were happily curled up asleep among the dirty washing in their owner’s laundry basket and were accidentally put in the machine.

The owner acted quickly as soon as they realised what had happened, drying them off and taking them straight to Avonvale Vets’ Warwick practice to be checked over by vet Gemma Lawton.

The mischievous moggies were alert and conscious, but also cold and in shock – so Gemma was worried they may have inhaled some water and detergent.

The kittens responded well to oxygen treatment overnight and by the next morning they were completely recovered and able to go home.

Gemma said: “Persil and Daz’s owners have asked us to share their story and advise all pet owners to check laundry baskets before loading washing machines and tumble dryers.

“These lovely kittens were very lucky and have made a full recovery, but it could easily have been a different story.

“The two of them are showing no ill effects from their unplanned spin and are already back to their mischievous ways!”