Exhibition celebrates Tysoe’s historic past

Kevin Wyles, left, with some of his finds displayed in the Old School Rooms on Sunday. He was pictured with David Sabin, of Archaeological Surveys Ltd, with who he works closely with. Photo: Mark Williamson T29/7/17/7713

TYSOE’S Roman and Iron Age history was highlighted at the weekend during a special exhibition as part of the nationwide Festival of Archaeology.

The event, organised by retired local builder Kevin Wyles, took place at the village hall, where geophysics scans of the area were put on display along with a selection of pottery recovered from local fields.

Kevin was able to commission the geophysics surveys, with the help of David Sabin, thanks to a £1,000 grant from the Mike Aston Archaeological Fund.

The scans uncovered a Roman villa, five Roman farms and Iron Age round houses within the parish.

Kevin said: “We had around 200 people come during the day and I think everyone who came was very pleased, they didn’t know how much stuff had been found underneath the ground in Tysoe.”

Kevin expressed his thanks to local farmers for allowing access to their land.