Town Trust’s house is sold for over £1million

7 Benson Road, Stratford-upon-Avon. Photo: Mark Williamson

A PROPERTY that was at the centre of a planning wrangle between Stratford Town Trust and the residents of Benson Road in Stratford-upon-Avon sold at auction for £1.14million.

Number 7 Benson Road went for £490,000 more than the trust paid for it several years ago to open up a plot behind where it wanted to build five homes.

That plan was dropped late last year after planning permission was refused.

On top of the £650,000 the trust paid for the house, the Herald understands it has forked out around £150,000 in various legal costs, so still walks away with a profit of £340,000.

There were said to have been gasps and a round of applause at Henley Golf Club when the auctioneer from John Earle estate agents brought the hammer down.

There were two bidders, with the buyers putting down a £40,000 deposit, they have until 14th June to complete the purchase.

Trust chief executive, Justin Williams, said last night, Wednesday, that the money from the sale was endowed and would be reinvested.

Mr Williams said the trust has also recently completed the sale of a small strip of land to the rear of Benson Road to neighbouring residents.

He added: “This relates to an agreement dating back to 2015, when the individuals wanted to extend their garden boundaries and protect this area of green space at a time when the town trust’s direction was wholly different to its direction today.

“The strip of land sold is only a small part of the larger parcel to the rear of Benson Road, which the trust has retained.

“The trust has endorsed the recommendations contained within the Neighbourhood Plan, with specific reference to the wider Rowley Fields land, being designated as open green space, thus protecting this land as a valuable resource area for recreation.”

In May last year the trust controversially sold off Mason’s Court on Rother Street in Stratford for £520,000, claiming it could not afford the £1million of repair work.

The 15th century, Grade II-Listed building is thought to be the oldest residential property.

It was bought by a Wolverhamton businessman who immediately sold off the four properties individually, ranging in price from £175,000 to £285,000.

One remains up for sale.