Stepping back in time at Warwick Station


Passengers arriving at Warwick Station tomorrow will get a surprising welcome from a group of medieval knights.

The knights will be performing acts of chivalry between 10am-11am for those arriving at the station ahead of a battle at Warwick Castle.

Warwick station’s new scrolls will assist time travelling passengers to adjust to medieval times, with advice on how best to stow their jousting lances and strict warnings to ensure their safety – no jousting, no swords, no sieges, no charging, no horses.

Alan Riley, Chiltern Railways interim director of customer services, said: “We pride ourselves on our customer service and like to have a bit of fun as we go.

“With an influx of people arriving to take advantage of the school holiday fun at Warwick Castle, we decided to provide some on-station entertainment to top off their journey and immerse them in the medieval experience.”