Uncertainty over the future of Stratford Tourism Information Centre

Stratford Tourist Information Centre

UNCERTAINTY surrounds the future Stratford-upon-Avon’s Tourist Information Centre as the district council confirmed it is reviewing its tourist information provision in the town.

No decision has been made on the centre’s future, but the council, which owns the building, has refused to rule out the closure or relocation of the current facility.

A spokesperson for Stratford District Council said: “The District Council is currently reviewing tourist information provision as part of its Destination Management programme delivered by Shakespeare’s England.

“The District Council is looking at a number of options to take the provision of tourist information services forward encompassing the traditional delivery model and looking at future provisions using new technologies such as digital kiosks. Discussions are currently on going with stakeholders and partners.”

There is mounting speculation that a tourist information service may be offered at an alternative venue in the town with a move to Bell Court rumoured.

The spokesperson added: “The district council does have a unit reserved in the new development and this is one of the options currently being discussed.”

  • 1jamessmith1

    Having Tourist information at the Bell Court, closer to the town center is a top idea

  • Centre Parting

    i think you mean ‘Bell End’.

  • old_moaning

    Pretty obvious that after the last revamp of this tourist centre to basically an outsourced company flogging tickets on commission that SDC hasn’t got a clue what is needed.

    • BonnyAnne

      Not sure how you’ve assumed this, but you should really fact-check your “old moaning” before you incorrectly state as fact. As somebody with friends who have worked at the centre, I can say for certain that there is no “commission”, nor outsourcing. They’ve always been incredibly helpful when I’ve had family come up and stay.