King’s High responds to recent events with celebration of diversity

King’s High celebrating diversity. Sitting, from left, Charlotte Brown and Pirasha Narayan. Standing, from left, Esther Obetoh, Vhidi Vyas, Aishani Sinha, Mariam Chaudry, Charlotte Allen, Lily Denton, Thurwaraha Vivekananthan, Yasmin Bakhtiari

KING’S High girls have responded to recent events with a celebration of diversity in their school community. 

At a special assembly, girls from one class welcomed everyone in their own languages: Hindi, Greek, Punjabi and Norwegian.

Girls wore a range of costumes from China, Parkistan, Nigeria and India, and talked about some of the festivals they enjoy with their families, from Diwali to Eid, and Easter in the Czech Republic.

Pirasha Narayan played her sitar, and explained how it works.  Girls across Years 7 to 9 created art works celebrating the diversity within their own class groups, and organised a fund-raising fete.

The highlight was one of the winning artworks – a four-foot Mexican pinata, filled with sweets from around the world.

Caroline Renton, deputy head of King’s High, said: “The core message is that, with freedom and diversity, comes a need to respect difference.  Everyone should be able to feel proud of their background.  Differences become strengths in a collaborative effort.”