Crackdown on litter louts


LOCAL people of all ages pledged their allegiance towards a lasting legacy against litter louts.

In a series of displays of solidarity across the district, residents armed with sacks and litter pickers waged a concerted campaign against rubbish in hedgerows and roadsides which had been dumped there by a minority of irresponsible individuals who can’t be bothered to use bins.

Last weekend Cllr Ian Fradgley (pictured) was given the task to declutter lampposts.

“My target area was the town centre and the gateway roads – Banbury Road, Shipston Road, Seven Meadows Area, Evesham Road, Alcester Road, Birmingham Road, Warwick Road and Tiddington Road. Apart from the mountain of spent adverts I was also asked to remove the spent tags of which I removed 407,” Cllr Fradgley said.

The idea for this year’s spring clean is ‘Litter Pick Your Perimeter’.  Schools have been invited to litter pick their class rooms, the corridor, the playground and the sports field, so primary, secondary schools and the college can find a meaningful activity to combat litter.

  • wicked messenger

    cleaning up after litter louts is not a ‘crackdown on litter louts’.
    a crackdown would be to make them clean up after themselves, having been hauled through the courts and given a hefty fine.

  • Diana Sykes

    Why have no CCTV cameras been installed on the Ridgeway ? It is being dumped on daily at an extortionate cost to clean up, and a constant eyesore.

  • Lucy

    Regularly take down these annoying postings on lampposts by myself on the Alcester Road and numerous estate agent signs (actually banned from putting them up in our flat’s lease…but that doesn’t stop them!)