Bamboodle’s licence revoked

Bamboodle in Union Street, Stratford closed its doors last July.

BAMBOODLE Bar and Grill in Stratford-upon-Avon has had its licence revoked by Stratford-on-Avon District Council’s Licensing Committee following noise and numerous other complaints.

Members of Stratford District Council’s Licensing Panel met on Thursday 2nd March and decided to revoke the premises licence following a review of the licence towards the end of last year.

The premises review followed a visit by Environmental Health and Licensing officers working together from the District Council on 17th December, following complaints from local residents concerning amplified music and people noise, together with general disturbances and anti-social behaviour in Union Street.

On this visit the officers found a number of licensing conditions being breached; these included door staff not knowing how many people were inside the building; people obstructing the outside pavement and spilling onto the road stopping vehicles making their way down Union Street and excessive noise coming from the building.

Full story and full report from the Licensing Panel in Thursday’s Herald. 

  • Derek Lee

    If anyone is looking for a job we are hiring at the masons arms in long marston and at the old tramway inn Stratford upon avon, silver lining 😃

  • wicked messenger

    good news! another step towards getting this part of town cleaned up – Union St was becoming the new Greenhill St.

    • Derek Lee

      Getting the town cleaned up? Seriously? This city is shit cause there is nothing for people to do for a night out! Which is why the city loses money cause people are so stuben and set in there ways cause they don’t want youth to go any where! No night life will will ruin this city! Massively you can’t rely just on tourist!!!

      • Chloe Alice Print-Lambert

        It’s town, not a city.

      • James

        Mr Lee, It is interesting to read that you, presumably as a publican and business owner judging by your initial post, are advocating a blatant disregard for terms and conditions relating to license issue, public safety and responsible business ownership. Perhaps licensing and environmental health may take note and pay your establishments a visit too to ensure that you’re abiding by your terms of license.
        I agree that the younger generation need to be accommodated and a healthy and vibrant “town” shouldn’t purely rely upon it’s income from tourists. Any business establishing anywhere should act responsibly and be considerate to its neighbours.

    • old_tel

      The people that frequent C&G are rebels, and lets not mention who goes to JSV & Co