Intruder challenged at Alcester school


POLICE want to speak to a school intruder who was challenged by staff at St Benedicts Catholic High School in Kinwarton Road, Alcester last Friday.

The school this week confirmed a man – not wearing any identification – was challenged by staff in a kitchen compound area of the school; he left immediately in a white van.

At no stage was the intruder in close proximity to students.

According to police the intruder then turned up at a second Alcester school, this time in St Faiths Road. The two schools at this location St Nicholas CE and Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School said they had no record of any incident involving an intruder.

Schools in the area quickly alerted each other to the man’s presence to maintain pupil security.

Police say the man is a white male in his mid-fifties wearing glasses, a hoodie and jeans.

Incident details: 12.10pm Friday 10th February. 0155 10/02/2017.

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