Real School of Rock helps theatrical one

Local music tuition centre, The Musical Box, is helping cast The School of Rock stage musical, pictured.

Local music students may find all those hours of practicing pay off when they find themselves playing live on a West End stage.

The Musical Box (TMB), near Alderminster, just outside Stratford, who for 11 years have taught children music they want to play in a fun way – particularly contemporary and rock music – have been asked to put forward students to audition for hit musical The School of Rock.

The School of Rock was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and was based on the Hollywood film starring Jack Black, and is currently on at the New London Theatre, Drury Lane.

Paula Backwith, who runs TMB with her partner, Tim Kirkham, explains: “The casting agency contacted me because it is usually very easy to go to stage schools and fine great young actors for musicals in the West End, but in School of Rock they all have to be amazing musicians too as they have to play all their own instruments live on stage every night. There are no backing tracks and no one mimes in this play. They found out about The Musical Box because a School of Rock team member found us online and saw what we do and thought we could be really helpful. So they contacted us straight away. We are now working in conjunction with them.”

Paul continues: “We are of course thrilled to potentially be providing cast members to the agency for such a great show. I have been working closely with them for the past couple of weeks so I know exactly what they are looking for and I am putting names and videos forward, obviously having checked with parents and students first!

“TMB students are apparently going to be looked at first, as I am able to give them references and an unbiased view of each individual. As for the students…. what an opportunity! It is a great play and sounds like it is an amazing experience to be involved with. I am just so proud of our students and of The Musical Box…. Our School of Rock, is helping THE School of Rock Musical  to find it’s talented cast.”

Auditions are being held in March in London but Paula says a member of the agency is also coming up to TMB in February to see the TMB junior rock band, Soul 10.

Paula adds: “I have been asked to just keep the names coming so I think this relationship might run and run.”

You can find out more about TMB and its range of classes by visiting or calling the team on 07799 544923