Dogging hot spots revealed in south Warwickshire

Oversley Wood near Alcester

A HANDFUL of popular beauty locations in south Warwickshire have been listed as dogging ‘hotspots’ on a swingers’ website.

Countryside areas close to Alcester, Shipston and Warwick are listed on the website Swinging Heaven where most entries also include a comment posted next to them.

Those listed in south Warwickshire include Fenny Compton – The Slade, Long Marston – Meon Vale woodland walk, Alcester – Oversley Wood, unspecified areas of Shipston and Warwick including The Woodloes.

However, the revelation that certain cherished countryside locations are being used for dogging meets will come as a shock to some people in Warwickshire who have expressed concern about sex acts taking place close to their family homes.

Are you concerned that a country lane or car park near you could be a dogging hot spot? Contact the Herald

  • therealdemos

    I’m sure the dogging community will be pleaased with the free publicity, though I doubt the locals will share the enthusiasm

  • wicked messenger

    Meon Vale is on the list! Not surprising…if you’re condemned to live on that wilderness of a housing estate, you need some kind of hobby.

  • old_moaning

    This is quite frankly disgusting to place such an article in a family newspaper. This would have not happened under the previous editor. I’m moving back to Tunbridge Wells in total disgust.

    • Amanda Chalmers

      There is no such thing as a ‘family newspaper.’ We do not have a watershed. The majority of the news content would have to be witheld if this were the case.’ Should we not cover sex offenders in court? murderers? News is by its very nature, not always savoury. Feel free to exercise your right to not read it. Editor.

      • old_moaning

        I shall have to do some further investigations myself to decide whether this article is appropriate, however if I see anything going on I shall make my excuses and leave

    • milo

      This is a local tabloid at the end of the day. have you not seen they have to have at least one headline with ‘shocking’ or ‘controversial’ when they are never shocking or controversial in it to justify all the multimillion pound houses they sell in the paper.

  • Spudwich

    Nice cut and paste from the Coventry Telegraph. Saves getting out of bed I suppose.

    • Amanda Chalmers

      This is a small web story to break the news with a view to getting feedback. Depending on how readers react we may progress the story for the paper. And BTW, I think you’ll find the story has also been picked up by the Cov Tel, not to mention the Birmingham Mail and most of the nationals! Once again, feel free to exercise your right to not read it. But I’m sure there are very many people who would appreciate knowing this activity is going on around the corner from where they live. People caught dogging could be prosecuted under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 or under the common law offence of outraging public decency. In summary, it is in the public interest! Editor.

      • milo

        Nope its pure smut click bait is the media now..

  • Lou Cifer

    hahahahahahahaha – oh my god the outrage, the indignity, the disgusting dog walkers, people are dying on the roads because of lack of respect to other road users, old age pensioners can’t afford to turn on there heating and are dying while our local PM makes sure his Horses are nice and warm & toasty at our expense and everyone is up in arms about a few dog walkers having it of in the woods…..get a life people of Stratford as long as nobody is hurt or innocent bystanders exposed to sexual activity in public areas (unless you live on Loxley Road and like Gardening) whats the big deal.
    now I’m of to Mean Vale for a walk do i need a dog btw to go dogging???????

  • Lou Cifer

    OMG I can’t stop laughing, brilliant Editor i love this break with Protocol for the Uber Conservative Bible Bashers of Shakespeareshire.

    well done for publishing a story that on a serious note is in the public interest.

    btw anything going on down Little Tesco on the Banbury Rd about 9.30pm tonight? woof woof……

  • Lou Cifer

    This needs to go viral – middle England in outcry against the Shipston Swingers

  • Lakanal

    The style of the story is trashy. The Herald does have a certain respectability, which is a pillar of its claim to represent us narrow-minded provincials of the locality. It would be a more impressive demonstration of fearless editorship for those who point this out to be told to exercise their freedom not to buy, rather than not to read, the paper.