Flushed with success of twinning fund


STRATFORD-UPON-AVON Methodist Church’s Church’s Green Group launched a toilet twinning project as a way of showing gratitude for the new toilet facilities provided in the recent church redevelopment.

Toilet twinning is administered by Tearfund to raise money to provide toilets in the underdeveloped world.

By donating £60 or £240 individuals or organisations can twin their loos with a latrine or a school latrine block in a part of the world where many people lack clean water and sanitation.

When the project was launched the Green Group set a target of £300 so the five toilet facilities in the church centre could each be twinned with a latrine in Africa.

After three months, the congregation raised £900 instead, which means that now the three toilet blocks can be twinned with three school blocks, and the disabled toilet with two other toilets, including the manse toilet, can be twinned with three individual latrines in Africa.

Certificates of the twinned latrines will be hung to show their location in different parts of Africa.

Dr Lim Ho, the convenor of eco-congregation in Stratford Methodist Church, said that the result has proved to be yet another demonstration of the church members’ overwhelming generosity and concern for neighbours in need.

Some 2.4billion people, a third of the world population, live without a toilet, and bad sanitation is one of the world’s biggest killers.

In Africa one of the reasons half of young girls drop out of school is because the school hasn’t got separate toilets for boys and girls.

The Sustainable Development Goals, launched in 2015, include a target to ensure everyone everywhere has access to toilets by 2030.