Lions helping to save lives

● Ernest Coombes of Stratford Ambulance Association, Shakespeare Lions’ president, Anne Turner, David Dumper, Adam Beese, the group’s teacher, and John Barlow. (Submitted photo)

SHAKESPEARE Lions Club, assisted by Stratford-upon-Avon Ambulance Association, have continued their ambitious project to train Stratford school leavers in life support skills, including CPR and defibrillator usage.

To achieve this Lions volunteers were trained by Wideawake Training to an NVQ certified standard.

The extensive equipment needed was purchased using a generous grant from the Municipal Charities for £2,000.

Recovery from sudden cardiac arrest (out of hospital) in the UK averages less than ten per cent.

In some Scandinavian countries the average is nearer 25 per cent and is widely recognised as being due to CPR being taught compulsorily at school.

The first school to benefit was King Edward VI School in May, and recently year 11 students at Stratford School.

Here the training was particularly timely as it also helped meet the students’ Duke of Edinburgh requirements. Shakespeare Lions propose to roll out this project to the remaining senior schools in Stratford in 2017.