Thought controlled toys in time for Christmas 2017?


CHRISTMAS maybe over for another year but future festive pressies might include mind controlled toys.

Experts at Warwick University have developed the technology that could lead to toy robots being controlled by concentration.

Thought-controlled toys could soon be the number one gift for children and could be developed for new or existing popular toys.

Instead of a hand-held control system which already exists, a headset is used to make a brain to computer interface thus creating a communication link between the human brain and the computerised device.

Prof Christopher James from the university said: “Whilst brain-computer interfaces already exist – there are already a few gaming headsets on the market – their functionality has been quite limited. New research is making the headsets now read cleaner and stronger signals than ever before – this means stronger links to the toy, game or action thus making it a very immersive experience.”

Research into the toys of the future continues.