Police to crackdown on speeding, begging and antisocial behaviour


Police in Stratford are set to focus their efforts on tackling begging, antisocial behaviour and speeding until February.

The police priorities were selected following a recent online public poll asking people in which areas they thought the safer neighbourhood team should be directing its efforts.

Tackling antisocial behaviour on St Peter’s Way came out as residents’ top priority with 27 percent of the vote while addressing speeding on Alcester Road and begging in the town centre both received 26 percent of the vote

  • Lou Cifer

    This is a fabulous headline and much welcomed relief for the blight that is ASB & Speeding motorists, however I’m loathed to make a call on begging as I don’t wish to deny the genuine needy and I’m not qualified to determine a genuine person in need or an organised network of beggars.
    Now on to speeding motorists and a real issue that i take seriously and this will cause some outcry and I’m prepared for the backlash;
    Women in their 4WD cars speeding around Stratford with a car full of kids late for school, now this is a concern whether on the Alcetser Road or Loxley Road (i live on the later) so i see the daily convoy of 4WD vehicles navigating along Loxley Rd & using the Avon Crescent estate as a cut through, they drive without the basic due care and attention needed to control such difficult cars even for qualified drivers (i know I’m qualified in this area) i even see some lean over looking backwards to tend to kids and such like whilst still moving forwards.
    In what ever capacity this town and many like it need stronger policing towards life on the roads, we have to many sad stories of loss of life in this region and i doubt it wont be too long before a pedestrian is knocked over by the taxis on Bridge Street outside of Holland & Barrett (the way they reverse up to the curb and leave about 2 feet of the rear end of the veghicle obstructing the footpath) or even run over by those extra vigilant Cyclist Vigilanties who obey the road traffic laws without indifference….not… Again driving and walking along and over the Clopton Bridge how many times have i witnessed cyclists ignore the red lights as you exit the Bridge and then we read how poor cyclists feel they need more cycle lanes..!

    So enough of my 2016 rant or as i like to call it observations, take my advice in 2017 and invest in a dash cam from Halfords it makes you feel less wrong done by when other drivers pull out or cut you up or just plain bully you on the roads, you can also use the footage of near misses to report to the Police for an allegation of bad driving, follow this link;

    Happy New Year
    Lou Cifer

    • old_moaning

      Just wondering whether it would be easier if 4WD vehicles would be easier to identify in and around Stratford if they were simply designated SUV1, SUV2, SUV3 etc painted on their roofs? The new drone capability unleashed over the Christmas present period has meant they can now be easily filmed as they make their morning journeys to schools

      On a separate note I’m not exactly sure what SUV stands for although I assume the ‘S’ denotes Status?

      • Lou Cifer

        SUV is Sport Utility Vehicle its very loaded Americanism primarily used to describe watered down 4WD (Range Rover v Ford Edge the later being an SUV)

    • cwiseman

      I would agree with many of the observations that you make. The phenomenon of school mums in powerful 4×4/SUV is an international one. A few years ago a friend that lives in Stockholm said that they are nicknamed the Montessori Mums because of their trademark vehicles doubled parked outside the most most eligible of schools. But its not restricted to one gender – this year I overtook a car on the A46 heading towards Alcester and to my horror realised that a bloke behind was overtaking me simultaneously, so we continued three abreast until the idiot on my right saw another car coming towards us and pulled back in. How do you legislate for such lunacy? I will follow the advice on the dashcam as a New Year present to myself.

  • Stratford Herald

    Would you be happy for us to consider this as a reader’s letter for the Herald next week? Editor.

  • Lou Cifer

    More than happy to it’s a subject i feel needs discussing and debate even as with many observations it’s only post tragic event’s that we decide to change or take action positively whether ASB, bad driving (in any capacity not just my rant about 4WD) or even indeed the plight of the genuine needy.

  • 1jamessmith1

    The story & picture look very familiar, weren’t the rozers meant to have cracked down on vagrancy a few months ago, for which the achievement/s where……