UPDATED Travellers to be kicked off car park by Tuesday


A GROUP of travellers who moved onto the car park at St Nicholas’ Park in Warwick yesterday, Thursday, 29th December, will be forcibly kicked off the land by police on Tuesday unless they go of their own accord.

Police have told the Herald this afternoon, Friday, 30th December, that they have decided to use powers available to them, but not until after the weekend.

A spokeswoman said: “Warwick District Council served notice on Thursday. The circumstances have been considered by senior officers about the proportianality of using police powers, and based on that, today, Friday, we have served written notice to inform the group we will be using police powers to move them on by Tuesday.

“Officers from the Safer Neighbourhood Team continue to carry out patrols through the day and night to ensure the safety and welfare of all those involved.”

It is understood that the first court date the council could get to turn the Notice to Leave into an eviction order was 10th January.

It is believed the group, which has around 50 to 60 vehicles, is part of the one that was evicted using police powers from land on Hampton Road, next to Warwick Racecourse, on Wednesday night.

The travellers had arrived in Warwick just before Christmas, first settling in the main racecourse car park before moving to Tournament Fields and then the car park of the Warwick Corps of Drums, back on Hampton Road, next to the racecourse.

The district council has told residents there is no guarantee the travellers would not move to a different site in town when they left St Nicholas’ Park, while a spokeswoman told the Herald that work on the leisure centre’s £3million refurbishment was not expected to be affected by the group’s presence.

That work is due to start in earnest next week.

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    Wish I could afford a caravan like that. But then I only work for a living.