Hotel Chocolat on its way to Stratford


The Stratford Herald understands that luxury chocolate and gift retailer Hotel Chocolat is advertising for staff at a new shop in the town.

The company is yet to confirm exactly when or where it will be opening, but its potential move into the town has been welcomed by Stratforward BID.

Joe Baconnet, director of Stratforward BID, said: “I know that they are recruiting because we’ve seen the adverts looking for staff in a variety of roles.

“We’re just waiting for a formal announcement on it now really. It’s quite exciting because for some people this will be yet another reason to come and visit Stratford.”

  • 1jamessmith1

    So ‘cough cough’ all use to local people who live at Stratford-CV37 every day then.

  • James

    Jobs for local people, business rates being paid to the local council, investment in the area…. I’d argue it was useful to the local people. When will people realise that this is not a closed town for local people only! If you want that mentality then go and live in a village! Stratford is a tourist town and has thrived on tourists spending their money for many many years. The town is regenerating and trying to upgrade its offering for all. Every town in the UK, and across the world, has seen the impact of out of town retail spaces along with the power of online shopping! We should be grateful of every new retail outlet that chooses to establish itself in the town (with the exception of betting shops and charity shops – In my eyes they contribute very little to any town and ought to be limited). I draw your attention to the success of Regent Grove in Leamington. It has transformed into a thriving restaurant outlet space and I hope Bell Court can mirror this success. We are also awaiting news of Peter Warwick and his Gateway One Ltd project. I sincerely hope that his plans and aspirations mirror that of Touchwood shopping centre in Solihull. An iconic gateway development along with the regeneration of the BHS site can only be beneficial to the town, its business, its residents and the numerous of visitors every year.

    • milo

      It is super beneficial but the boutique stores in Stratford seem to be outnumbering the stores the local people need as a necessity.. just take the B&Q sarga as an example.

      It needs a balance but the the so called BID team cant seem to grasp this.

  • Stratford Herald

    Hi James. Are you happy for us to consider using this on next week’s letters page please? Editor.

    • James

      Yes thats absolutely fine. Regards, James