Cars stolen as drivers de-ice


WARWICKSHIRE Police said at least one car has been stolen during this week’s cold snap after being left unattended with the engine running as it defrosted.

The car was taken from the north of the county, but has prompted a warning to all motorists.

Detective Constable Fiona Paterson said: “Unfortunately there are opportunist thieves who will intentionally visit residential areas on cold frosty mornings to look out for cars which have been left with the engine running.

“During the current cold spell, it’s important that motorists leave extra time to go outside and de-ice their windows themselves, rather than leaving the car unlocked and the engine running.

“Whilst this may feel like an inconvenience, it only takes a matter of seconds for a vehicle thief to jump in and drive off. By leaving your car unattended, you may end up losing more than just the ice on your windows.”

Police have also reminded drivers that it is illegal to drive unless the windscreen and other windows and mirrors are fully de-iced and de-misted.

The Met Office is forecasting a small rise in temperatures over the next 24 hours, with the mercury falling below freezing tonight, Wednesday, but then staying above freezing into the weekend.