KES students take over the Guildhall


Students at King Edward VI School took on the challenge of running a major visitor attraction earlier this month during Museum Takeover Day.

The event, organised by Arts Council England and Kids in Museums, celebrates the contribution of young people to cultural organisations, by getting them to participate in the life of a museum for a day.

At KES students took on a variety of roles usually performed by staff at the Guildhall including acting as guides or helping on the ticket desk.

As an added challenge youngsters were given the opportunity of becoming the character Thomas Jenkins, schoolmaster in Shakespeare’s day, and leading a lesson.

Bennet Carr, Headmaster at KES, said: “Our students have seen first-hand the extensive work undertaken to conserve the Guildhall and the efforts put into opening Shakespeare’s (and their) Schoolroom for national and international visitors to enjoy.  Museum Takeover Day has been an excellent opportunity for them to get involved with the project and learn about the running of a cultural site.  It was also great fun, and I am very proud of how those who took part represented the School in the tasks that they were given.”