Warwickshire Police issue ‘Creepy Clowns’ warning

The clown that was spotted at the Recreation Ground, in Stratford-upon-Avon, on Sunday night.

A ‘CREEPY clown’ was spotted hiding behind a tree near to the children’s play area at the Recreation Ground, in Stratford-upon-Avon, on Sunday night.

The person dressed as a clown was spotted by a group of friends, who photographed it on their phones and sent the picture to the Herald, to warn others who maybe in the area or walking their dogs – especially now the nights are drawing in.

The group of friends also photographed the same clown sitting down in the car park, at a different location of the Rec.

Creepy clown hysteria has been spreading across the United States and now numerous sightings have been reported across the UK over the past week. The clowns have been reported to have been scaring children and adults.

Superintendent David Gardner, of Warwickshire Police, has issued an appeal to anyone taking part, or considering to take part, to think about the distress and fear they could cause.

Supt Gardner said: “Since last week we have received reports from members of the public who have seen or been approached by people dressed up as clowns. We believe this is linked to a wider trend across the country and in the USA.

“Whilst we understand that such incidents could be considered pranks by some, I would like to appeal to those carrying out this behaviour, or thinking of taking part, to really consider the distress and fear they could cause people, particularly the more vulnerable members of our community such as children and the elderly.”

Warwickshire Police have been made aware of 14 incidents involving clowns, but a spokesman added that the majority of those incidents were linked to social media, such as being attempted to be added as a ‘friend’ by a clown.

If you have seen any ‘Creepy Clowns’ contact the newsdesk on 01789 412819 or e-mail news@stratford-herald.com

  • RJH

    Reading the headline I thought they were referring to our local politicians and Councillors until I read the item.

    • Lou Cifer

      hahahaha great minds think alike

  • Lou Cifer

    OMG – i would like to report lots of creepy clowns last seen in or around all the stratford town & district council meetings – URGENT WARNING do not approach they are dangerous and will make false promises……! they are also know to frequent stratford town trust meetings in disguise as caring members of the community

  • milo

    so one drunk kid with a mask chasing some other drunk kids of a Friday night. News worthy or getting on the bandwagon. no wonder the policing in this town is screwed,,