Shakespeare’s church to appear on Stratford Monopoly board

Mike Milburn, Reader, Rev Patrick Taylor and Verger David White at Holy Trinity Church.

Stratford’s iconic Holy Trinity Church has landed a spot on the town’s new Monopoly Board, though its placement might raise one or two eyebrows.

The church will occupy the Old Kent Road square, the lowest value property on the board.

While some might be outraged that Shakespeare’s church will be placed on such a lowly square, there is sound reasoning for the decision.

Rev Patrick Taylor said: “When I heard the idea of a Stratford Monopoly Board I thought Holy Trinity needs to be on Mayfair or Park Lane because it’s such a significant building in the town.

“However when I thought about it, those squares are actually quite exclusive and just for the rich. Holy Trinity Church is a diverse church, we welcome the rich and the poor and if you look at Old Kent Road today, it is full of lots of different people from lots of different backgrounds and that is what we’re all about here, we’re inclusive not exclusive, so we’re really happy with it.

“The square itself features the logo we created this year along with that iconic view of the church from across the river that everyone recognises.

“One of the good things about being on the Old Kent Road square is that that corner along with Mayfair and Park Lane features on the box itself.

“We are very happy to be on the board because we will feature alongside all the other great organisations in the town that we work closely with, so it symbolises that cooperation.”

Natasha Rebuck, from games maker Winning Moves UK, added: “It would have been unthinkable for Holy Trinity not to be on either Mayfair or Old Kent Road, our two most talked about and high cachet squares.”

The new Monopoly board will feature around thirty Stratford landmarks and is due to be released at a special event at the RSC on 13th October before hitting shops on the same day.

The Stratford Herald will occupy the Fleet Street square while The Shakespeare Hospice, Heart of England Mencap and the RSC have also had spots confirmed.

Ms Rebuck added: “It’s set to be a world seller. Interest in the board has come from tourists from every corner of the world and advance orders from retailers, including big online players like Amazon, have been beyond our expectation.

“The game isn’t out till October 13th but we are already planning an early second print run, such has been the demand and a third is not being ruled out.”

The game will be available at shops including Waterstones, WH Smith and The Works and is also expected to be popular with online retailers.

*The Herald is offering one lucky reader the chance to get their hands on the very first Stratford Monopoly board before it hits the shelves.

The first copy of the game off the press will be presented to one reader during a photo shoot the day before it appears in the shops on October 13th.

To find this Very Important Player, the Herald is asking readers to nominate someone they believe is a true Stratfordian, perhaps someone who has worked hard for the interests of the town or has a special connection with it.

If you know someone who fits the bill all you have to do is explain in no more than 100 words why they deserve to win and send both yours and their contact details to Monopoly VIP, Stratford Herald, 17 Rother Street, Stratford, CV37 6NB or email us at with Monopoly VIP in the subject line.

Nominations must be received by 5pm on 10th October and the winner must be available for a photo shoot at the Herald office at 3pm on Wednesday 12th October.

The Herald will also be giving away 11 copies of the game in celebration of its launch.