Oversley Castle developer set to reveal 3D site plans

Paul Harvey pictured at the Oversley Castle site. Photo: Mark Williamson.

THE man behind the redevelopment of Oversley Castle has said that he will reveal plans in the coming weeks for what will replace the landmark building should he go ahead with its demolition.

Speaking for the first time after the plans were revealed two weeks ago, Paul Harvey told the Herald that the replacement would be as striking a feature on the landscape that the folly castle had become.

The Herald previously reported last week how Mr Harvey, who bought the site six years ago, had submitted a planning application indicating his intention to demolish the main building on the 70-acre site.

It sparked much anger locally and among academics because of its historic nature.

But Mr Harvey said this week that the building that carries the name of the castle, which is not Listed, and had been deemed by English Heritage and other conservationists to be of no historical importance.

And he said he has spent £75,000 to develop a 3D image of the building he intends to put in its place — and will host a public meeting to reveal it to the public, sometime in the next four to six weeks.

Mr Harvey said: “I will show to anybody who wants to see it. It will be on a TV screen so they can see how it will look in place, not just on a piece of paper.”

Addressing concerns about the proposed loss of a local landmark, he said he has no immediate plans to demolish the current building known as the castle, despite his application to the council saying he want that to begin on 31st August.

How the Herald reported Paul Harvey's application to demolish the castle on 18th August.
How the Herald reported Paul Harvey’s application to demolish the castle on 18th August, 2016.

He added: “There’s always been a landscape feature there and what I hope to present is something that will ensure that will always be the case.

“It’s important that there is something there that offers a dramatic view from Ragley Hall and I have already discussed this with Lord Hertford.”

The manor of Oversley dates back to medieval times, but it is said that Oversley Castle itself was the idea of the Prince Regent following a visit to Ragley Hall, and that the folly was built around 1810 to 1812.

In 1932 a house was also built around with strong resonances of the Arts and Crafts movement.

See the Herald dated Thursday, 25th August, for a letter from Paul Harvey about his plans for the site.

How Oversley Castle looks from the roads around the site. Photo: Mark Williamson.
How Oversley Castle looks from the roads around the site. Photo: Mark Williamson.