Pro-Boris Zahawi now backs May for PM


STRATFORD-ON-AVON MP Nadhim Zahawi has said he is now backing Home Secretary Theresa May to be the new Conservative leader and Prime Minister after Boris Johnson dramatically dropped out of the race to replace David Cameron.

The Herald reported in this week’s paper how Mr Zahawi declared his support for the former Mayor of London, who led to the Leave campaign in last week’s EU Referendum.

But just hours after we hits the shelves Mr Johnson pulled out of the leadership election, saying he was not the right man for the job.

Nadhim Zahawi backed Boris Johnson in today's Stratford Herald.
Nadhim Zahawi backed Boris Johnson in today’s Stratford Herald.

In a blog on the Huffington Post website on Thursday evening, Mr Zahawi wrote: “This is a time for experience, and Mrs May has the most of those on offer.

“Her six years spent as Home Secretary show not just a track record of success, but an impressive resilience and almost unmatched stamina to maintain success through the ups and downs of political life which may have tossed the careers of a less able politician aside.

“I am reassured by Mrs May’s commitment that a prominent Leave voice will handle our negotiations with the European Union, and that a new department will be created to tackle this complex issue and see it through to a positive conclusion. This is vital.

“The 52 per cent who voted to leave should be respected, and as Mrs May said this morning, ‘Brexit means Brexit’. She talked about how there must be no remain ‘through the back door’.

“A democratic decision has been made with a high turnout and we need a leader who will deliver the decision of the people; Theresa May absolutely gets this.

“Mrs May is someone who gets on with the job she is given, and I am sure that she will deliver if she is given this chance. Now is the time for stability and experienced leadership. It is a time for responsibility and delivery. It is a time, I am now sure, for Theresa May to be our Prime Minister.”

Vote Leave campaign leaders Michael Gove and Boris Johnson at DCS Group in Stratford earlier this month. Photo: Mark Williamson.
Vote Leave campaign leaders Michael Gove and Boris Johnson at DCS Group in Stratford earlier this month. Photo: Mark Williamson.

On Mr Johnson, he wrote: “Having spent the last few months campaigning to leave the European Union with Boris Johnson, and having seen him connect with members of the public, I was happy to support his bid for leader. I absolutely believed he was the one to do it.

“It became clear, however, that many of my colleagues did not agree, and Boris took the right and brave decision of announcing that he will not stand.”

Justice Secretary Michael Gove, Minister Andrea Leadsom, MP Liam Fox, and Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb have also declared themselves as candidates.

  • Nicholas

    Ooops, backed the wrong horse on that one! Mrs May will need an extra big Christmas present this time. Still, with the oil company job he can afford it.

  • Centre Parting

    He probably prepared statements on all of the candidates, just in case.
    What were the other applicants for the Stratford Conservative candidate like when he came out on top?

  • richard

    Remember 2011 when under Theresa May the home office let in an unknown amount of legal and illegal entrants by removing border control?

    It was a scandal she made Brodie Clark resign over and refused to go herself.

    And this is what Nad thinks is a success