STRATFORD Herald readers have voicing their opinions about the result of the EU in/out referendum – and some are unhappy with the claims that were made by some campaigners.

The Leave campaign have been struggling since Thursday’s national poll to shake of controversy surrounding claims made about extra money for the NHS and a block on in-immigration, with some leading campaigners now admitting they were wrong to make some of the pledges they did.

Likewise, would did you vote Remain, and now think you should have voted Leave.

And so, now the dust is beginning to settle on Thursday’s vote, we want to know how you feel. Would you have voted differently if you had known what you do now after several days of furious debate.

Vote in our Twitter poll. It closes at 2pm on Wednesday, 29th June, and the results will be published in Thursday’s Herald. We will also have an in depth interview with pro-Brexit Stratford MP, Nadhim Zahawi.

You can send us your views on the EU Referendum vote as normal to

  • Lucy

    We are only on the 3rd working day since the Referendum. I would still vote Leave. We haven’t officially left the EU yet and there is lots to sort out. I am very happy we can now have our country run by our own elected parliament, choosing how to spend taxpayers money. You can’t expect upon Leaving to suddenly have all the issues you voted Leave for, instantly sorted out. It was a vote for the long term. I think the money for the NHS quote really meant IF we leave the EU we will be able to spend our money on our priorities such as the NHS. I am sure in the long term we will also have lower levels of immigration and that existing immigrants will be allowed to stay, unless they have a criminal record. Most of the lies I have seen have been written by the press implying things (not yourselves Herald) and then people believe what they read. Residents in Stratford complain about increasing traffic and housing problems in Stratford…well that’s due to population growth which we need to control.

    • old_tel

      Elected Parliament, soon to be ran by a non-elected PM

    • Hong Kong Clarky

      Lucy you have highlighted some excellent points that i share especially the drivel written in the media, however the issues locally with residents in SoA complaining about traffic and housing problems is wholly at the door of SDC and WCC and nothing to do with an increased population, the poor and almost criminal lack of planning and basic fundamentals of infastructure have been neglected by the elected elite..

      Long Live the Republic…

  • Alastair

    Problems with housing and traffic are failures of our government through the tory austerity choices, not the EU who actually give grants to regenerate areas. Our economy is still fragile from the last recession. The farming and services industries are hugely reliant on migrants, they contribute much more to the economy than they take out, paying more in taxes than they take in benefits.
    This attitude of pulling up the drawbridge and closing ourselves off from our closest neighbours is regressive and selfish. It’s a globalised world, our manufacturing has gone abroad and national companies rely on foreign investment.
    Look at the analysis of why, where and how people voted ( – at best many were voting for a time machine (not going to happen obviously) and at worst they were sold a lie. Boris’ telling us being part of the single market is critical, yet free movement of people is a cast iron part of that.
    The world economy won’t stop turning just because we want out, we will be left behind and left to regret this decision.

  • cwiseman

    some inconvenient truths……most immigrants to the UK do not come from the EU. Sorry if you didn’t realise that, but our membership of, or exit from the EU, does’nt effect this. (some will say if this is not driven by Brussels then we can limit numbers ourselves anyway, but then why have’nt we already?) You are right referring to population rather than immigration. But the gap between supply and demand is primarily caused by a surge in reconstituted families. 50 years ago we did not have the number of break ups between couples and families tended to occupy one home. Today this is not the case- think of how many couples you know that have split, met another partner with whom they have had other children, or step children and so on. This issue is never discussed unsurprisingly because who is going to raise this and expect to win votes! There are a lot of people who voted that have grown up in a UK that has been a member of the EC/EU for their entire lifetime. Well you’re really fortunate, because you can now experience what a teriffic place this was before we were members! As for lies… worse a sight than Johnson & Gove last Friday shambling around a podium saying there’s no rush to renegotiate. And why? Because they had no plan. Can you think of any other job where you could incite people to make such a momentous decision based on prejudice and have no idea how you will execute their decision?

    • old_moaning

      Fair enough ..and we can decide whether to spend the future weeks and years complaining and whinging about how awful the result was, how unfair, all the lies, what a disaster for the country etc or accept we are where we are and that we all now need to do is pull together and work together for the future of our country