Classmates to relive the Swinging Sixties

Nigel Robinson, past chairman and president of the Old Warwickian Association, with his class photo from the 60s. (Submitted photo)

FORMER pupils at Warwick School are being tracked down who left the school 50 years ago for a 60s reunion.

The event, on Saturday, 25th June, is open to anyone who left the school during the mid-1960s, and the staff who taught them.

Past chairman and president of the Old Warwickian Association, Nigel Robinson, who left school 50 years ago in 1966, said the day would include a chapel service, lunch, tea and a cricket match between the school and old boys.

Tours of the school can also be arranged. “This year is very special, for as well as celebrating our teenage years during the Swinging 60s — The Beatles, Carnaby Street, the first James Bond films and the mini skirt it’s also 50 years since England won the World Cup in that summer of 1966, a few days after we left school for the last time, so there will be plenty of nostalgia.”

The first major 60s reunion was held at the school in 2008, when old boys came back from as far afield as South Africa, Japan, Australia, the United States and Hong Kong. Some of them returned two years ago for the 1,100th anniversary celebrations of the school’s founding in 914.

Anyone wishing to attend the reunion should contact Anne Douglas, the school alumni officer, at