New gates blessed at KES


A set of gates commemorating those who gave their lives in the First World War have been installed at Stratford’s recently refurbished Guildhall.

To mark the installation, the gates were blessed by the Reverend Canon Michael Hampel, Old Edwardian and Precentor of St Paul’s Cathedral, during a special ceremony on 21st May.

The gates, installed in the building’s cross passage, were presented by the Old Edwardians’ Association as part of the First World War Centenary commemorations.

The gates, which cost £5,000, include a plaque honoring fallen First World War servicemen.

On a practical level the gates will allow the Guildhall to be opened up for visitors, but prevent them from gaining access to the rest of the school.

Bennet Carr, head master at King Edward VI School, said: “The installation of the gates are part of the restoration of the Guildhall, for much of the building’s history there had been gates there, the fittings have always been in place.

“The original gates were probably removed around 100 years ago during the previous restoration of the Guildhall.

“The outer gates facing onto Church Street were put up in the 1950s and were dedicated to those who fell in the Second World War, so it is fitting that the new inner gates are dedicated to First World War servicemen. I think it is right that they commemorate such an important event in history, not just for the school but for the whole country.

“The gates include the seal of the Guild of the Holy Cross, which was created by taking a 3D scan of a wax seal and commissioning a company to cast it in bronze for us.”


  • noway

    I noticed somebody ‘Blessing’ these gates on the way home from the pub on Saturday night.