STAFF at Stratford-upon-Avon’s Austin Reed, Viyella and Country Casuals outlets voiced worries this week over the group going into administration and said they hoped a buyer for the company would be found.

The Austin Reed news came hard on the heels of BHS being put into administration, a firm which also has a store in Stratford, employing 30 staff.

Concern about the shops’ future was also expressed by Stratforward, the organisation which effectively manages the town centre.

A spokeswoman said: “The news that some of our biggest, best-known and longest standing high street stores are struggling just acts as a reminder to us all how tough it is out there in the retail sector at the moment.”

She added: “Any shop closure obviously has an impact, not just for the staff employed, but also for the town. People who work in our shops are also customers of other shops, cafés, restaurants and bars, as well as local services providers such as dentists, lawyers and estate agents. Closures also have a negative visual impact on the street scene, no one likes to see empty or boarded up premises on any high street. It can actually turn people off coming into town.

“It perhaps also serves as a reminder how important it is that we stand and work together as a business community to encourage people to come to our town to shop, do business and socialise.”

  • 1jamessmith1

    I blame Stratford’s high business rates & parking charges. Would it really hurt SDC not to charge for parking on Sunday and Bank holidays. I’ve also watched them sneaking along waterside near the theater near 9pm when the theater is close to finishing

    • noway

      street parking has nothing to with SDC its a county thing

      • 1jamessmith1

        **noway** what basis of proof do you have that parking ‘has nothing to with SDC its a county thing’ It still adds to the cost of shopping or doing any thing in the local area.

        You declined to comment on SDC’s eye watering business rates, any reason why. They don’t help make the town businesses affordable

        • noway

          I was only giving info, on street parking is controlled by the county.. its not just SDC that set business rates either, county and the police crime commissioner have they say as well as BID. its all on the website if you have alook

          • 1jamessmith1

            noway at the very least SDC are partly responsible.

            ref the police crime commissioner have they say as well-The major crime in CV37 is the prices that most of the businesses charge, along with the number of employers who as a consequence pay wages that meet ‘NMW’, before living wage became law

  • Hong Kong Clarky

    “Town Center Chiefs” oh my goodness what is this the wild wild west i didn’t know the “town” had appointed chiefs in charge? are these the same people that allowed Greenhill Street to become a hot bed of fast Food outlets or even better allow a skanky fish and chip shop next to a Global icon
    Spineless idiots and yet more drivel from the Cronys that make up the decision makers in this town.