THE jury in the Tristram Wallace murder trial will begin a third day of deliberations on Friday, 6th May.

On Wednesday, the Honourable Mr Justice Timothy Holroyde told the eight man and four woman panel he was only able to accept unanimous verdicts in all counts on the indictment.

They then began deliberating after hearing four weeks of evidence.

Neil Potter, 36, Toney Jelf, aged 39, Peter Mallon, aged 41, and Donna Windsor, 37, all from the Stratford area deny murder.

Jelf, Mallon and Windsor have all pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Mr Wallace on the afternoon of June 22 last year.

During the trial it has been heard how the four attacked Mr Wallace, 36, in the mistaken belief he had cheated them in a drug deal.

Described by the prosecution as a “punishment beating”, the former carpet fitter died from a cardiac arrest on a driveway near Brewery Street at around 5.30.

Eyewitnesses to the incident described seeing Potter, Jelf, Mallon and Winsor punching, kicking and stamping Mr Wallace.

Some of the group were then alleged to have looted his body as he lay pleading for help.