Happy ending as missing cat is found

Xavvi the missing pedigree cat

A TREASURED pedigree cat returned to her home in Alcester on Friday, after spending a week under planks of wood in a neighbour’s garden.

Sue Moss who owns Xavvi, a silver grey long-haired pedigree Tiffanie cat, said she was “absolutely out of her mind with worry” when her cat went missing from her home in Greville Road at 10.30am on Good Friday.

Xavvi had been asleep on her bed and then Sue discovered an outside door was slightly ajar.

Sue was offering a good cash reward to anyone who could find her and her son had posted flyers all around Alcester.

Sue told the Herald: “They say a cat has nine lives. She was only 100 yards away from home, under an A-frame of planks that were insulated.”

Her neighbour, who is a builder, was just re-arranging the planks when he came across Xavvi.

He called for his son to find the missing cat leaflet that had been posted through their door, and went to fetch Sue. After 30 minutes of coaxing, Xavvi and Sue were reunited.

Sue said: “The vets have checked her over and other than being incredibly dehydrated and lost 2lb in weight, she has no injuries or trauma.

“She is now with me upstairs in her normal place having consumed food in the ‘bowls full’. Thank you to everyone who has been such a support over the last week. She was also back on her 12th birthday.”

Xavvi, who hasn’t been let outside before, has won awards as a Premier Champion show cat, Best of Variety Kitten and Best of Variety Adult at the Supreme Cat Show, two years running. Her official title is Kevona Jade Xaviera.

Sue added: “I got to the stage where I thought I had to accept she had been stolen. I’m so delighted she is back home, thanks to our wonderful neighbour. I don’t even know his name, but he is wonderful.”

Sue also asked her neighbour what his favourite drink was, and her husband later took a case of 12 bottles of Pinot Grigio to him, to thank him.