Reward offer for missing pedigree cat

Xavvi the missing pedigree cat

A GOOD cash reward is being offered to anyone who can find an Alcester woman’s treasured pedigree cat, who has been missing from her home in Greville Road, since Good Friday.

Sue Moss who owns 12–year-old Xavvi, a silver grey long-haired pedigree Tiffanie cat, remains hopeful that her cat can be found.

She explained that Xavvi went missing at about 10.30am last week. Her cat had been asleep on her bed and then Sue discovered an outside door was slightly ajar.

Sue said: “I’m absolutely out of my mind with worry, as she has completely vanished. Xavvi has lived with me for 12 years and has never been let outside.

“There has not been one sighting of her anywhere. I am very concerned about her whereabouts and her welfare.”

Xavvi has won awards as a Premier Champion show cat, Best of Variety Kitten and Best of Variety Adult at the Supreme Cat Show, two years running. Her official title is Kevona Jade Xaviera.

Sue added: “I am particularly worried as she never goes outside, so maybe she has lost her way back. She also has to have a special feline diet and more water intake than most cats.

“I am hoping if she has been taken in by a friendly person that they will return her to me. She is the most beautiful creature on this God’s planet.”

Xavvi may even be stuck in a shed or garage, or trapped in a house where the owner is away on an Easter break. If anyone knows of her whereabouts, Sue has asked the public to call her anytime on 07771 852577.