BREAKING NEWS: Zahawi says Britain must leave the EU



I am uncomfortable with a situation in which our laws are sometimes made by those the British people cannot throw out, while British Ministers must accept them.

“I am uncomfortable when European law takes precedence over British law, and European judges are more important than our own. I am uncomfortable when we are tied to a project determined to create a new currency that has struggled to stay afloat and has taken away yet more sovereignty and choice from its citizens to keep it on life support.

“There are some extremely unattractive figures campaigning to leave the EU, from George Galloway to Nigel Farage and it pains me to be dragged towards them on any issue.

“However the blame lies with the EU, which has fought as hard to remain blind to the chance for change, as the Prime Minister has fought to help them see.”

The in-out referendum will take place in June.

See more the EU debate in Thursday’s Herald.

  • col mustard

    Why attack N Farrage who has fought for many years to get us out of this EU project that Mr Zahawi only now admits to wanting out. Political motives maybe, hypocrite.

  • Bob

    I struggle to understand his point of view on this given to the potential risk to a large number of jobs in his constituency. I refer to Asian owned companies, which invested in the UK to get a foot hold in the EU, one of these being TATA owned JLR which employs over 30,000 over the UK and a number of these live in his constituency. Take away that path into the EU, and TATA may very well move everything to a country in the EU, such as Romania, which is what Renault have done, which is partly owned by Nissan (another Asian company) although Renault were based in France (Still in the EU) Romania offer a much cheaper workforce. Although a company that earned £2bn last year is small fry in Westminster when you’re trying to make a name for yourself to be the next prime minister

    • old_moaning

      Look up the word sovereignty Bob and then come back to us a tell us if its of any importance to you?

  • Lucy

    The EU costs us so much money in bureaucracy. We survived before without it. I never even got to vote us into the EU, I’m 37. I agree with Mr Zahawi. All this scare-mongering about trade, seems to be the same as when they were trying to get us into the Euro currency. We will be fine. The rest of the world seems to trade very well without being in an EU bureaucratic super-state. After a few unsettled months after Leaving (I hope!) we will soon readjust and be much better off. No bailing out other countries or having child benefits sent overseas. This deal of Cameron’s just isn’t good enough to stay in, hard though he tried. The people that want to stay in and Remain are usually the ones on the EU payroll! Apart from Farage’s MEPs who go over there and can see what a mess the EU are making of it. Perhaps another maverick in the form of Boris will persuade people to stand up to the EU.

  • 21Today

    I lived in Spain for years before and after it went for the EU: They had miles of new (and still empty) motorways, new train systems, new bridges,new hospitals, new ports all on EU money.(Thank you Britain) Subsidies for flights to bring in even more tourists etc, etc. They love the EU. Don’t see the UK getting anything like that do you. All one way traffic. We don’t need it and can’t afford it. Out now!.