Website tells the story of our lives


Staff at Warwickshire County Record Office will work with the students and residents to help record the results.


Rob Eyre, senior archivist at the record office, which is leading the partnership with Orbit, on behalf of Heritage and Culture Warwickshire (HCW), said: “We think the project is a tremendous opportunity to add to the rich variety of stories already on the website.


“Our Warwickshire is a fantastic chance for people to share their stories with others. We are hoping that people will come along and tell us their memories, that can be anything from visiting the market in years gone by, their school years, or even significant events they remember.”


The website will enable people to explore the county’s cultural identity, tell their stories about Warwickshire people, places, landscapes and events and will become a virtual gateway to the county’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.


Simon Lieberman, community investment manager at Orbit added: “This project provides a fantastic opportunity to meet new people as well as develop digital skills online.


“We hope that everyone involved will benefit from the opportunities this project brings to increase their social circle and continue to use the internet long after it ends.”


The project marks the beginning of a period of significant change for HCW, including transforming Market Hall Museum, in Warwick, into a cultural hub for the county’s heritage.


Free refreshments will be provided at the event. For more information visit