PCC gives Warwickshire projects a £1.1 million funding boost


Applications to the Commissioner’s Grant Scheme were oversubscribed and bids for funding were evaluated and scored against set criteria to determine their eligibility and suitability before a final list was determined.

Some of the successful projects receiving a share of the funding include:

  • a Crimestoppers anti-crime initiative.
  • Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Barnardo’s for its work in supporting vulnerable victims of child sexual exploitation;
  • Street Pastor schemes.
  • projects to help victims of domestic abuse.

All of the initiatives being supported are required to submit a detailed quarterly review to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to ensure that the expected outcomes are being delivered.

Ron Ball, Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire said:

“This is the third year I have been able to provide funding for strong and innovative community-based initiatives which help to tackle crime and disorder in Warwickshire. I am delighted to be supporting these projects through the grant scheme.

“Many of the schemes funded are designed to reduce re-offending and prevent  crime from being committed in the first place, which ultimately is a much better and cost-effective way of using public money to enhance the quality of life across Warwickshire. Community organisations play a big part in this and are very often well-placed to deliver innovative schemes which address local needs and concerns, so I am pleased to see a mix of such projects receiving funding.”

An additional £400,000 fund to tackle rural, business and cyber crime is also being finalised and will be announced separately in due course.