Renegotiate EU membership, don’t terminate it


Lucy told the Herald: “We have a big job to dispel the myths that have built up over decades. But I’m confident we have the winning argument and winning team and that Britain is safer and better off within the EU.”

See Thursday’s Herald for more of the pro-EU argument from Lucy and Hogan’s Cider founder, Alan Hogan.

  • 21Today

    Time to leave the EU. We originally signed up for a Common Market only, not to lose our decision making abilities. We could also prosper as a Tax Haven for businesses who also don’t want Brussels to interfere

  • old_moaning

    Well anybody might say and think that after a few drinks!

  • Bob

    We really should not leave the EU, if we do we can wave goodbye to “Made in Britain”. British manufactures would then have to pay a lot more for their supplies from the EU countries, making them uncompetitive, and seeing that one of the largest manufactures in this country is in our county, JLR, that could mean some 30,000 people who earn a living in one way or another from JLR could be looking for another job.

    • old_moaning

      Please clarify why materials coming into the UK will cost more pls Bob? You do realise that our trade with the Eu is declining year on year anyway?? Trade with rest of world increasing

      • Bob

        It’s a very complex thing, and it’s all guess work until it actually happens, this article in the Guardian tries to give both sides, unlike papers like the Daily Mail who are very one sided.

        Many Asian companies have invested in Britain to get a foot into the EU, mainly buying up or setting up car companies, it won’t be long after if the UK leaves the EU that also the Asian investments starts to leave, to Country’s like Romania who are looking for such investments from outside the EU.