Stratford U-turns to join combined authority


Cllr Chris Saint, leader of Stratford-on-Avon District Council, welcomed the decision.

“I am pleased that the District Council has taken the decision to be part of the West Midlands Combined Authority and aim to maximising the benefits for our district,” he said.

“The decision taken  means that the District Council will be able to play an active part in the devolution process currently under development.

“This does not represent a ‘super council’ as each member of the Combined Authority retains its independence and will continue to provide services like planning and refuse and recycling.

“It just means that there will be better collaboration between councils on strategic issues such as investment, skills, housing and economic development.

“We have always been a big believer in partnership working and where you cannot do things on your own, joining a partnership gives you greater resilience, greater freedom and greater spending powers allowing us to make sure our district benefits as much as possible.”

Previously, Nuneaton and Bedworth District Council was the only one of the six councils in Warwickshire to join the West Midlands Combined Authority, whose principal members are Birmingham City Council, Coventry City Council, Wolverhampton City Council, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council and Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council.

  • johnie

    Big mistake but no surprise given how many ex-bham residents we have.

    Good move by central gov to distance themselves from the deficits both current and future of the bham conurbation.

    This will eventually suck resources out of South Warwickshire to fund the major financial challenges of the bham ‘region’ eg population growth, housing, low wage/low skill, education, social and welfare etc

  • Denys

    Excellent decision. The WMCA has been given £8 billion and it is now up to SDC to bid for it. New roads, rail and infrastructure could transform our lives. SDC needs to be a shining light for technology, new ideas and tastefully managed growth whilst maintaining the wonderful rural South Warwickshire countryside.