‘Huge challenges ahead with the eyes of the world upon us’


We expect 2016 to bring low inflation and rising pay, via both the Conservative government’s National Living Wage and as the economy lifts off. This is excellent news and it’s what motivates me as Member of Parliament for Stratford.

There are huge challenges ahead, however. The economic uncertainty and slow growth in the Eurozone will hinder our growth and harm our exports. The slowdown in China may weaken the global economy.

We must also remember the threat that violence in the Middle East poses for our security and spare a thought this Christmas and New Year for our brave servicemen and women who are fighting ISIL in Iraq and Syria, away from their families and loved ones. This next year holds Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary which will put all eyes on Stratford and bring tourists from far and wide.

We have the backing of the government and it promises to be a fantastic year of events. We will also be holding our second Independent Shop Awards where we will be celebrating the hard work and success of local small businesses, and several projects are coming together to make life in our part of Warwickshire better.

We’ve passed an important milestone on the new cancer and eye hospital that will be built in the town to provide specialist services that we dearly need, and we can look forward to progress on solving the traffic problems in Birmingham Road to make it easier to get around. We have a lot to look forward to in 2016. I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

  • Centre Parting

    Oh dear – usual general stuff.
    What about the building of too many houses without the appropriate infrastructure, the lobby to become part of Birmingham, not to mention his activities outside Parliament.
    He’s obviously been sidelined by Cameron and is cruising along in a safe seat clearly taking advantage. If he was in the Labour Party he would be on the road to deselection.

  • Cash 4 Access

    Debt has doubled under Conservatives
    Inflation down due to a worldwide slowdown and subsequent fall in oil prices.
    Pay rises have now started to slow
    Deficit was caused by bank bail outs not spending,despite Tory lies
    Conservatives have dismissed head of FCA, and now stopped an FCA inquiry into banking culture.
    Only growth has been in a housing bubble
    Meanwhile NZ continues to take on more jobs in addition to being an MP


    Nadhim Zahawi was heling to sell ISIS oil. Their main source of income. This guy is a total evil harbinger of destruction.


    Get lost terrorist funder!