Tiddington Fields development get the nod


Stephen Wreford, spokesman for campaign group STOP, said: “This decision was taken despite desperate pleas to understand the lack of safety and capacity of New Street to take the volume of traffic to the Oak Road access and ignoring all of the same planning issues which applied to this application and which also applied to the Knights Lane proposal, which they did refuse a few weeks ago.

“STOP are very disappointed to see members of the council making inconsistent decisions against the majority views of the residents of the village. We see this as a slap in the face for democracy.

“One other beneficiary of this decision is of course Clifford Chambers Charity who stand to gain a £7million to £8m windfall from this development by Gallagher Estates.

“As such Clifford Chambers Charity will overnight become one the of the wealthiest charities in the area.

“None of the windfall will be shared with Tiddington for the benefit of its own residents despite blighting the village and removing its open space and amenity.”