Ghost's hand caught on camera?


For many years Ettington Park Hotel has been the subject of several ghostly sightings and strange goings on. The 1963 film The Haunting – a film about a paranormal investigation – was shot inside the neo-Gothic mansion.

What do you think? Is this the ghostly hand of a young child?

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  • David Malin

    I would say it’s a double exposure. I expect he had his right hand on his head just as the photo started to take. Perhaps just messing with his hair. …

  • Jacques de Bois

    I felt a real chill when I saw this photograph, for the same thing once happened to me, sitting in that very chair. It would have been the winter of 2009 and I distinctly remember feeling a small, cold hand on the side of my head as I posed for the photograph. When I saw the resulting image I put it down to low sunlight reflecting off the coffee pot, but now I’m not so sure. And, is it me being fanciful, or do I also see ghostly faces in the tree outside the window, the shadows in the corner, and the arrangement of the sugar cubes in the bowl? The horror, the horror…