Plan to curb free transport to grammar schools gets go-ahead


In a statement after the cabinet meeting Cllr Colin Hayfield (Cons, Arley), the county council’s portfolio holder for education and learning, said: “Cabinet were faced with a series of very difficult recommendations for savings from our school transport budget and none of these was easy.
“Having listened to representations from Family Voice and parents of pupils with disabilities, cabinet decided to draw back on making savings on respite and medical transport.
“These changes will, in the majority of cases, not affect pupils in schools who are currently receiving free school transport but will affect new pupils entering schools from September 2016.”
For a full report and reaction see Thursday’s Herald.
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  • bran

    So they can pay for free wifi for the tourist’s but don’t give a crap about the school kids. Nice to know our County Council has its priorities right!!!!

  • disqus_hrRa17zwmY

    How can this be justified with the current entrance criteria? If a child has lived in Stratford all their life they might miss out on a place at KES or Shottery because places are given to children from Solihull, Kenilworth, Banbury etc but if they then accept a place at Alcester they have “chosen” not to attend their local school so have to pay £750 a year for travel.

    • MARK

      Don’t be silly. Schools are funded by national taxation and not local taxation. No child in leafy Stratford should have any more right to go to K.E.S. or Shottery or Alcester than any out of area child. They must compete. There are plenty of non-grammar places for them. I am glad funding has stopped as out of area children do not get funding to the closest grammar school either.

  • old_moaning

    It’s basically a free private school (without the fees) in all but name as is the girls grammar school.. A little digging into the pockets is not going to hurt the majority of the parents

    • Realistic Expectations

      Well there’s an agenda based on prejudice and spreading misinformation.