Pride place for Rosie’s Queen


The likeness was given the official nod of approval by Warwickshire Lord Lieutenant, Tim Cox — Her Majesty’s representative locally — ahead of a service at St Mary’s Church, in Warwick, on Sunday, 20th September, to commemorate her becoming the longest serving monarch in British history.

Mr Ball commissioned and paid for the portrait from his own finances after discovering that there was no such image available at his offices when he began his role in 2012.

He said: “I wanted a contemporary portrait to commemorate Her Majesty achieving the remarkable milestone of becoming our longest-reigning monarch.

“I was delighted to find local art student Rosie Brown to take on the task and I am equally delighted with the result.

“Buckingham Palace approved the project and Lord Lieutenant, Tim Cox, was on hand for the ceremony at St Mary’s Church, so I took the opportunity to ask him to assist with a semi-formal dedication of the portrait.

“For the Queen to have been in the public eye for over 60 years having hardly put a foot wrong, while maintaining widespread respect both at home and across the globe is a remarkable achievement and something which should, in my view, be celebrated.

“I make no apology for being a strong supporter of our Royal Family and our Constitutional Monarchy and, as police officers make an attestation to serve the Queen in the office of constable, it seems entirely appropriate to have this portrait on display here.”

Rosie added:  ‘


  • Joseph Conrad

    Broach? Surely brooch… I have noticed that spelling and grammar standards have slipped recently. Is voice recognition software in use without human intervention to check errors?
    This is a splendid portrait of Her Majesty by Rosie Brown.

  • Buster

    … And “Pride of place” not Pride place?