Secret vote to rule on Shakespeare Birthplace Trust land in Shottery


ERS is an independent company that has been tasked to ensure that as many of the 32 SBT trustees participate and vote, either in person or remotely by video link.

By the 24th October this year the developers must put in an application regarding details of their proposals, known as ‘reserved matters’, and these include such issues as the proposed relief road from Evesham Road to Alcester Road. If they miss that deadline the outline planning permission will expire.

Peter Kyle, chairman of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, said: “Alongside many others, we have opposed the developers’ housing development and link road proposal.

“The current situation is that the Secretary of State has allowed the developers’ appeal and the High Court has ruled against the district council’s legal challenge. We now have to deal with the consequences of decisions made by others.

“Our job is to get the best outcome in line with our duty to protect and enhance the Shakespeare legacy which is in our care, including the five Shakespeare family homes, the internationally renowned museum and archive collections, and our education programmes.

“We appreciate that the developers’ proposals have provoked strong views – for and against the scheme particularly locally.

“The trustees hope that everyone understands that whatever decision is taken it will be with the benefit of expert professional advice after a thorough examination of all the facts, and mindful of the trustees’ responsibility to secure the best outcome for our charity and the future of Anne Hathaway’s Cottage in particular.”

  • Joseph Conrad

    It sounds after reading the final sentence that the decision has been made… This self-serving organisation won’t turn down the large sum on offer regardless of the effect on the environment and other people living in the area.

  • old_moaning

    I wrote this a few years ago in your comments section.. Was not far off in the Chairmans press release was I? although I accept it has not been rubber stamped yet

    I expect they have already paid a
    PR agency to prepare the statement along the lines of “By making this
    extremely difficult decision to sell the land, which we know will be
    unpopular in certain circles we will be safeguarding the Shakespeare
    legacy of the houses in order future generations can enjoy..blah, blah,

    All they are doing is delaying a public announcement of a
    decision in order to push the price up from the developers, we are not

  • bran

    Please sell the land!!!! We need these houses to be built!!!

  • 21Today

    We will be receiving some refugees soon, we need homes for them to be built

  • billabong

    This statement effectively reads we have already sold the land for the benefit of the other Shakespeare properties refurbishment, with no regard for the environmental impact nor that of local residents.