Wellesbourne fundraiser Mike Seddon passes away


Despite the devastating news, Mike raised an incredible £15,226 for the Hospice’s At Home service, which helped him in his final weeks.

Using his business expertise Mike created a webinar on his website seddondays.com to share his business skills, and asked people to consider making a donation if they enjoyed the broadcast.

Mike had originally hoped to raise £1,000 for the hospice but eventually adjusted his target to £15,000 having been inundated with contributions.

A spokesperson for the Shakespeare Hospice said: “It was a privilege to care for Mike and to get to know him, and his family. We will continue to be there for his family during this difficult time.

“Mike was an incredible man and in his hour of need did so much for others by selflessly raising an incredible sum of money for our Hospice at Home service.”

If you would like to pay tribute to Mike contact us via email at news@stratford-herald.com.


  • Mel Ashworth

    Mike was a lovely man and what he has achieved for the Hospice is incredible and an inspiration to us all. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends