EXCLUSIVE: Behind the scenes of the lifestyle erotic festival near Stratford


The venue this weekend hosted two main marquees – The Liberty Salon and Saints and Sinners – there was also a number of play tents for people to get to know one another more intimately.

“It’s a great way for people to meet each other and have consensual sex without the headache of standing in a nightclub and getting nowhere,” Paul told the Herald.

The lifestyle festival goers were only too happy to strip down to the bare essentials and meet new friends as the marquees boomed out a series of dance anthems and seventies classics to help make for a unique night .

Full story with pictures in this Thursday’s Stratford Herald.  

  • old_moaning

    So the Herald has finally discovered sex sells!…..

  • mistyblue

    How could the event organiser invite the media to his event without informing the attendees that they would be present. It goes to show that the organiser was just in it for the publicity and money ignoring the fact that those who go to these event want to know that they can do without interference from other and do so anonymously.

  • Stratford Herald

    Our presence there was all conducted very professionally and discretely and all identities will be protected. Editor.

    • mistyblue

      How much did you pay to get your story, I would say not enough for an exclusive as reporters from The Sun were present too!

  • Dave J. Shute

    I was the dj at this event who had his photos taken. How do I go about getting hold of copy?